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Announcement of New Superintendent

Posted Date: 04/22/2023

April 21, 2023






At the conclusion of a special board meeting on Friday, Vian’s Board of Education voted unanimously to name John Brockman the next Superintendent of Vian Schools.

Brockman won the position after an extensive search and effort by the Board. Seventeen applications were received. Board members spent dozens of hours reviewing resumes, calling references, and researching candidates, and over 15 hours of board meetings and interviews. Mr. Brockman emerged as the best candidate and met with the Board on Friday afternoon.

The Board expressed its strong belief that the change in administration creates an excellent and critical opportunity for Vian Schools to refocus its priorities on maximizing academic achievement, improving student discipline, increasing expectations and accountability of students and staff, and reinvigorating school spirit and morale at all levels. Brockman assured the Board that he was eager to accept those challenges and to make numerous important changes.

John Brockman has served the Vian School District for 26 years, including five as Vian High School principal and twenty-six as an award-winning baseball coach. Mr. Brockman obtained his Masters Degree in 2018 and holds teaching certificates in History, Geography, and PE, as well as his Principal and Superintendent certifications. He is a member of Oklahoma’s Baseball Hall of Fame. John’s wife, Danielle, is also a long-time Vian Schools employee and a much-valued middle school counselor.

Brockman will step down as principal and baseball coach at the end of the school year. He and the Board will immediately begin the effort to fill those positions for 2023-24.

The Vian School Board consists of Ken Pack, James Thornton, Jeff Cotner, Joe Paul Simon, and John Ford. Ford was sworn in recently after being elected earlier this month. Pack took over his term as President as of the regular April meeting.

“We’ve urged Mr. Brockman to make sure that every hour of every school day is focused on teaching and learning,” said Thornton, “and we believe the staff will completely support him on that.” The Board emphasized that a change in leadership is a critical opportunity to revisit policies and priorities. Said Simon, “We’ve told John we have high expectations, and that we will absolutely stand behind him in the effort to improve discipline and academics at all levels.”