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Reading Sufficiency Act Update

Posted Date: 09/28/2022

Vian Elementary 

2023 Update to Reading Sufficiency Plan

  Beginning the 2022-2023 school year and for each school year thereafter, any student enrolled in kindergarten, first, second or third grade in Vian Public School and who is not meeting grade-level targets in reading after the beginning-of-the-year assessment shall be screened for dyslexia.  Screening also may be requested for a student by his or her parent or guardian, teacher, counselor, speech-language pathologist or school psychologist. Vian Elementary uses the state approved STAR assessment to screen students in reading. The STAR suite of assessments includes the STAR CBM, which specifically screens for characteristics of dyslexia.  

   Students will be screened at the beginning of the year and parents will be notified of their students' status no later than November 1. The purpose of dyslexia screening is to gauge the risk for dyslexia, not to diagnose dyslexia.There is not one, single assessment to determine a diagnosis of dyslexia. Instead, data collected from the screening will help Vian Elementary teachers and parents determine appropriate reading interventions for students and/or the need for additional evaluation.