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Something New in the Library!

Posted Date: 09/17/2019

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The high school and middle school libraries are now genrefied! Last spring Mrs. Craighead created a spreadsheet identifying the genre of each fiction book using information provided by the library’s main vendor, and the library science classes helped her to apply an assigned color coded label to each one. Over the summer Mrs. Craighead, Mrs. Noisey, and some volunteers worked a lot of hours and finished up the project by moving the books into their sections and scanning them into the catalog by genre. There are now 16 different categories of fiction books including romance, mystery, fantasy, and realistic fiction. Within each of these categories, books are still alphabetized by the author’s last name.Mrs. Noisey reading a book to some elementary students

The purpose of genrefying the fiction section was to make the library more user friendly for students. Student have often asked in the past “Where are the scary books?” or “Where can I find a book like Hunger Games? But the books were only arranged by author’s last name. Now there is a horror/thriller section and a dystopian section. Each column has a label at the top identifying that genre, and there is also signage at the head of each aisle identifying where each genre is located and giving a brief description of each category. High school students do not get as much library time as younger students, so Mrs. Craighead is hoping this will make it easier to find a book that suits them.Example of new genre signs