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Meal Delivery Information During School Shutdown

Posted Date: 03/20/2020

Meal Delivery Information During School Shutdown

Meal delivery for Vian Public School students will begin Monday, March 23. All students and their younger siblings may receive free meals each weekday during the statewide school closure. Meals will be delivered along current bus routes or provided for “Grab & Go” pick-up.

For delivered meals, drivers will begin running bus routes at 10:00 AM on Monday. To receive your meal, look for the bus or school vehicle along the bus route between 10:00-11:00. Drivers will honk their horns when they arrive. Bus routes cover every area of our school district. Your child can still receive meals if they don’t ride a bus. You may contact us so that we may connect you with a driver to establish a pick-up point for you. You may also see the attached document for a description of the rural bus routes and pod bus stops in town so you can choose where to receive your meal.

Grab & Go meals may be picked up at the north entrance of the cafetorium beginning around 10:00 each weekday. Individuals must stay in a vehicle and pull up to the door. A school employee will hand the meals to the family.

Although we cannot deliver to every doorstep, our plan is to make it as easy as possible for all students to receive free, nutritious meals even though school is closed. On the first day of delivery, we encourage you and the driver along your route to communicate regarding the time he will arrive so that families can receive meals easily each day. This process will change as days go by and our goal is that it will become more and more efficient for all concerned. If you have any questions, you may send us a direct message to this page, or you may email us at We appreciate your support as we work to provide food for every child of Vian Public School.

Vian Public School Bus Routes 2019 - 2020

Bus Routes A-H are for students who live outside the city limits of Vian.  


North of tee at McQuick’s, Hopper’s Corner, Carlton Loop, Johnsonville, Big Daddy’s, Rodgers Addition, and Ridge Route.



Moonshine Road E 1000, Red Bird housing addition, old S curve off Hwy 82, Harvest Time Church E 980, to Risley Hollow, and Armer Road.



S 4522 by Gordon’s lawn mower shop, E 980 and E 976 Leflore Loop, South of Blackgum Baptist Church, Blackgum Landing Road, S 4505 to Gill Risley’s and Ridge Route.



Hwy 101 to E 1025 Cloud Corner meet at 101, Hart loop meet at 101, Marble City transfers meet at end of Hwy 101, Pinhook 4565 meet at E 1013, E 1030 & S 4570 meet at pinhook corner, Leathers Mt. Road. New Housing Addition on Hwy 82.



Hwy 64 East to Rodgers Addition #2, Tower Road by Little League field, Hwy 64 East to S 4550 Road South and by Drake Stand Cemetery, S 4540 Rd to Vian Creek Landing, Tower Road, and Rogers Addition # 2 meet at Hwy 64.



S 4590, Hwy 101 to Cawhorn Corner S 4530, Evening Shade Road, McCoy Cemetery, and Jackson Mt. Road.



Hwy 64 West to S 4505, West to Joe Farmers to S 4490, straight across Hwy 64 to Upston Switch, S 4490 South to Sand Town Bottoms, Sequoyah Wildlife Refuge, and Haraway Arena Road.



Hwy 82 North to Hwy 100 at McQuick’s, S 4520 Whitmire Addition, E 970 to East Lake Hills gate, East Lake stay on black top, North Rodgers Road, Pump Station Road students will meet at North Rodgers Road. East Lake Hills meet at Gate.

Pod Bus Stops are for students who live within the city limits of Vian.   

Pod #1 - Lizzie Henry Park 

Pod #2 - Bubba’s 

Pod #3 - Two story apartments 

Pod #4 - Camille’s Kids Daycare