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Daily Schedule

1st & 7th Hour: FACS Basics

  • An introductory course to all Family and Consumer Sciences topics
    • ​basic sewing skills
    • basic food prep, cooking, kitchen safety and sanitation
    • nutrition, promoting good physical and emotional health
    • relationships, communication, physical development
    • promoting strong families and proper child care
    • basic design/interior design of home environments
    • career exploration in areas of multiple career clusters

2nd Hour: Teach OK

  • Teach Oklahoma is different from many high school courses in that
    students are active, decision- making participants in the educational
    process. In the Teach Oklahoma courses, teachers serve as facilitators
    or guides who accompany students on a journey through the schools
    and community. Although the teacher has the experience of having
    been there before, rather than simply telling students about education,
    the teacher guide must take them there, by providing experiences and
    observations that encourage student discovery and understanding.
    The primary mission of Teach Oklahoma is to introduce high school
    students into an interesting, engaging, active, and practical introduction
    into careers in teaching and education.

3rd Hour: Employment Essentials

  • soft skills for the workplace
  • career exploration
  • interpersonal skills and character building

4th Hour: Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness

  • basic food prep
  • cooking techniques
  • baking 
  • nutrition and wellness
  • understanding the food service industry

5th Hour: Planning Period

6th Hour: Human Growth & Development

  • physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth and development of people from birth to aging adulthood
  • fetual development and child development
  • parenting styles and teaching styles 


Google Classroom

Students and Parents: each weekly topic instructions, assignments, and resources will be uploaded to my Google Classroom. All students will have access to their Google Classroom, where he/she have the opportunity to retrieve instruction and assignments.

Upon the first weeks of school, students will be informed of this procedure. Students who have been absent or currently absent, and need to retrieve their makeup work, are to access their Google Classroom. From there, students may see weekly instruction, assignments, resources, etc. Afterwhich, if students need additional help, I will be available and set a specific due date for their makeup work.

I am hoping this procedure will be most beneficial to my students. Let’s have a great 2020-2021 school year!

Contact Stephanie Bennett

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918-773-5475 ext.205
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5th Hour, 12:35-1:25