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Daily Schedule

Class Schedule

Students will attend class according to their Individual Education Plan (IEP).   Please note that students will participate in school electives/rotations (Art, Music, PE) and other activities with homeroom and grade level peers.

All assignments will be in our google classroom.  Students will receive an invitation in their school email. 


Class Agreements

  1. Demonstrate Wolverine Pride 
  • Perserverance
  • Respect
  • Intergrity
  • Dedication
  • Eager to Learn
  1. Follow The Wolverine Way
  • ​Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe
  1. HAVE FUN LEARNING!  I know sometimes it is hard but we try to enjoy our class and each other.

Class Discipline

Our focus is on positive behavior supports.  Students earn preferred items and time by doing required classroom work.  If a student does not respond to positive behavior support, we will first try to redirect the student, then remind the student of positive behavior support, if the student is not responsive, we will refer to the disciplinary rules listed in the handbook.  Of course, each student is unique and if needed, the team will create a behavior support plan.

Class Procedures

  1. Grades are earned based on tests and the completion of class assignments. Please note that all instructional tasks are aligned to the Oklahoma Alternative Assessment Guidelines performance standards for each grade level.
  2. Class assignments will be comprised of participation, pencil/paper, technology driven, use of manipulatives, movement, and/or other methods that will enhance student learning and interaction.
  3. Parent communication- please email me to set up a time to talk. This year I will not have a “planning period” but I can make time if needed M-Th and of course I will be available on Friday.  
  4. The paraprofessionals and I love all of our students and we work hard to help them be independent and successful academically and socially.  We appreciate you and we know you are your child’s first teacher.  We are a team. 



Becky Partain

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