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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

7:50-Students arrive and get ready for breakfast

8:20-Morning Announcements

8:30-Return from Breakfast 

8:45-9:45-Restroom, DIBELS review, Saxon Phonics and Handwriting

9:45-11:00-Daily 5

11:00-11:45-Songs and Math

11:45-12:00-Restroom and get ready for lunch


1:00-1:45-Recess/Plan Time

1:45-2:30-WIN Time

2:30-2:50-Calendar, Songs, Flag Salute, Story, Science, & Social Studies

2:50-3:00-Gather backpacks, folders, jackets, etc. to go home

3:00-Departure Announcements

3;05-Pick-ups Depart

3:10-Bus Riders Depart


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