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Rachelle Batesole

Welcome to my Awesome Mathematics Experience! . . . No, really!

               Gotta love this!

Algebra 2: Covers the concepts taught in College Algebra over the course of the public school year vs. the length of a college semester.  It is my goal to prepare your young adult for college mathematics! We break down concepts and learn the processes to successfully solve mathematic problems.  I encourage students to work together and to mentor other students.  In this way, students are learning to be in study groups that will help them achieve in college.  Achieving better ACT scores is a focus!


Botany.  Where we get to the root of the matter!  


Botany is the study of plant species, structures, morphologies, and their role in the environment. Many of the assignments will be hands on in our Botany Laboratory!  It is my goal to inspire a love of plants and fungi and to appreciate thier uniqueness and role in our environment. Welcome to my world!

Botany Club

Botany Club is for students who have completed Botany class and want to continue to learn about plants through growing projects (traditional and aquaponic) and participate in Botany class field trips.




Rachelle Batesole

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